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Bathroom Toilet


Toilet repairs & installation in the Hills District and Greater Sydney

toilet repairs

A problematic toilet is something most of us would rather leave in the hands of somebody else. Whether you have a blocked toilet or a leak, a toilet repair can be a messy job and it can quickly turn into an incredibly frustrating task. Lucky you can leave it to our team of local plumbing experts!

We’ll have your toilet functioning again in no time. We arrive with a selection of replacement fittings and parts to fix most common occurring problems. With years of experience behind us, we’ll  be able to source the issue and resolve it quickly and efficiently.  We also provide an obligation-free quote on your toilet repair.  

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toilet installation

If multiple parts of your toilet have failed or you’re simply after a fresh new look for your bathroom, we offer a complete toilet replacement service.


A toilet installation is a straightforward process, but there are a few things that you should check before you purchase a replacement. Make sure you look at the style of your current toilet and the toilet you’d like to purchase. You’ll also need to measure the water inlets and outlet pipes.


In some cases, we can quote you over the phone to help speed up the process. All you have to do is send us a photo of your current toilet and details of the replacement you’re looking to purchase.


Not sure what you need? Our friendly staff will help guide you through the available options to find one that suits your needs and budget.

common signs of a blocked toilet

  • There’s water leaking from the hose connections or underneath your toilet

  • You can hear noises coming from your cistern

  • The water had started constantly running down the back of your toilet bowl

  • You’re having issues with flushing your toilet

  • The cistern refilling at random times

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toilet repair.jpg

DIY Toilet Repair Tips

If your toilet needs repairing and you feel like getting hands-on, there are two most common issues to resolve a running toilet (water flowing down the back of the bowl) or a blockage.

When the water is constantly running it may mean you have a faulty inlet valve, sometimes known as a float valve. Over time this valve can fail and it is not worth pulling apart. Instead, they can be removed and replaced fairly easily and can available for purchase from your local plumbing or hardware supplier.

If this sounds too confusing or you’re still having trouble with your toilet plumbing, let us take the stress off your hands. Just give us a call!

why swish?

Quality Craftsmanship

We only work with the best materials from trusted suppliers, so you can be sure that the quality of each job is finished to the highest possible standard.

Friendly, Professional Staff

Our experienced team are reliable and considerate, always leaving a clean and tidy worksite and providing support once a job has been completed.


You can be confident that we’ll be giving you a fair and honest price with no hidden mark-ups.

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“I would highly recommend Matt. He did an amazing job of our bathroom. Helping me with the whole process, from tapware to fixing an old toilet. He was punctual and communicated the way through. He also cleaned after finishing the job. I will be recommending him to friends and family and using him for future plumbing jobs. ”

Katie A, North Bondi.

toilet repair & installation faqs

My toilet is gurgling and the water level is dropping/filling. Is this normal?

The short answer is no.


If you’ve had recent work done on your plumbing this could be a sign of incorrect ventilation to your sewer line. It could also be a sign of a blocked toilet drain in your system.


If this continues it’s best to give us a call and let us address the issue. We will arrive with the latest technology onboard to help locate and fix the blocked drain or sewer ventilation.

How much does it cost to service my toilet?

Depending on the problem the fee can vary, but sometimes servicing toilets is a simple fix!


A simple repair may set you back around $200. If any further works are required a replacement may be a better option and an obligation-free quote will be issued before we continue with the repairs.

Can I purchase any toilet for replacement? 

No. Unfortunately different brands will have different positions for their water inlets and waste connections. It’s best to consult with your plumber before making this decision to ensure your toilet replacement will fit.

How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

When it comes to removing and replacing the existing toilet in your home, On Average we will charge $450+GST. This cost includes disposing of the old toilet and new flexible hose connections. 

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