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shower repairs

Shower repairs & installation in the Hills District and Greater Sydney

complete shower repairs

If you need a shower repair, we’ll only give you a solution that’s guaranteed to work - no hidden clauses!


We won’t tell you it’s possible to make repairs without removing tiles for a low price because that would be a band-aid fix! Beware of hidden clauses within the guarantees that other shower repair companies will offer.


leaking shower causes

The truth is a leaking shower can be detrimental to the structure and safety of your home. There’s a number of different causes that range in severity: 

  • A burst pipe behind your wall - This will need to be located before repairs can start. Our team of experienced plumbers are equipped to carry out pressure testing on your pipework to accurately locate the problem area. We’ll then provide a quote for the least invasive method to get your shower back up and running in no time.

  • Loose or worn sealing washers - This is a simple fix but if a sealant is not installed, a small leak could cause timber framing to become structurally unstable. To help detect the amount of damage, our plumbers will arrive with keyhole cameras on board to inspect the inside of your wall frame in a non-invasive way. We’ll see what’s happening without removing any tiles or waterproofing.

  • Waterproofing failure - Failure of the waterproofing membrane can only be fixed properly one way. We’ll have to remove the tiles and the base of your shower and re-do the waterproofing. 

Common signs you may need a shower repair

  • Broken or popped tiles - Once moisture begins to soak behind the wall the adhesive or wall sheet itself can begin to rot away creating movement and causing tiles to crack or pop off.

  • Mould - Constant water from a small leak can result in a build-up of mould on the base of your shower area. Mouldy showers are a health risk and often mean the structure of your bathroom is unstable.

  • Discoloured floor sheets - If your bathroom is on the second level or you have access to the point beneath your bathroom, you may be able to spot a failure in waterproofing from watermarks in the floor material. This discolouration is common around the drain areas and in the joints between sheets.

  • Wet carpet - In rooms outside or adjacent to your bathroom/shower.

  • Rotting timber - On or around your door architraves.


our shower repair services

  • Shower tap replacements 

  • Conversion to mixer taps 

  • Dripping shower head repairs

  • Shower head replacement.

  • Shower rail installation

  • Waterproofing

  • Burst pipe repairs

  • Shower tap leaks

  • Shower renovations

  • Shower repairs

  • Shower pressure problems

why swish?

Quality Craftsmanship

We only work with the best materials from trusted suppliers, so you can be sure that the quality of each job is finished to the highest possible standard.

Friendly, Professional Staff

Our experienced team are reliable and considerate, always leaving a clean and tidy worksite and providing support once a job has been completed.


You can be confident that we’ll be giving you a fair and honest price with no hidden mark-ups.

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“I would highly recommend Matt. He did an amazing job of our bathroom. Helping me with the whole process, from tapware to fixing an old toilet. He was punctual and communicated the way through. He also cleaned after finishing the job. I will be recommending him to friends and family and using him for future plumbing jobs. ”

Katie A, North Bondi.

shower repair & replacement faqs

Can I test to see if my shower is leaking?

Yes, there are a few things you can do!


One is to feel around carpet areas outside your bathroom. Unexplained damp carpet is a good indication of a leak. This doesn’t have to be close to your shower because water will travel and make its way down the easiest path. You can also run your shower and if access is possible, inspect the floor underneath for signs of leaks.


If you need a second opinion or someone to take the stress off your hands, we are equipped and ready to investigate!

How much does a shower repair cost?

If we discover that there’s a waterproofing issue, the fee will vary depending on whether you choose to apply a band aid fix (to slow or temporarily stop the leak) or carry out the full repair.


A band-aid fix will cost you $600+GST. Complete shower replacement works are usually between $4,500 - $6,000+GST which is subject to the degree of damage to your framework and floor. 

Unfortunately to ensure a quality repair is carried out that will provide full warranty, it will require careful removal and demolition aswell as engaging multiple visits from multiple trades including plumbers, glaziers, waterproofers and tilers and unless you have spare tiles, matching the exisiting tiles with new ones may prove difficult. 

We advise that if you find yourself in this situation you seriously consider the option of a full bathroom renovation which will not only address your leak but offer a valuable update and increase the value of your home. 

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